About Us

Kettlebulls Garage Gym
This is our garage gym. 
Nearly everyday we leash up Lou (below) to  a kettlebell while we workout or train clients. The 30 ft. leash gives him free range of the gym and the driveway, but prevents him from chasing every bird or squirrel that dares to come within his eyesight. It was this simple solution to an everyday problem combined with a desire to create an American made kettlebell that sparked an idea.
My wife suggested using Lou's image as the design for the "Bull", and at that same moment our son comes strolling through the kitchen and says, "great idea, you should call it a kettlebull." It was in this moment that KETTLEBULLS was born.
I began researching and contacting foundries and working with designers to create the image. Fortunately, I found excellent sources with considerable experience producing some of the best kettlebells produced in America; although, they weren't really in that business anymore because all that work has since been moved overseas...something never advertised BTW.
At this point, I knew I had to make a move...a handcrafted, high quality, unique design, and fully functional kettlebell that is made in America. My business partner and I launched into a full scale marketing campaign. Initial investments (sweat and otherwise) were made, and the rest is history.
Lou is looking forward to the garage gym sesh leashed to the KETTLEBULL.  KETTLEBULLS is all about canine workout companions.
The pack is family.