Kettlebull 12 kg French Bulldog
Kettlebull 12 kg French Bulldog rear view
12 KG Kettlebull

12 KG Kettlebull

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So Close...Kettlebulls Will Be For Sale Again Soon!

Progress Is Being Made! 

We make Kettlebulls by the batch. This means your Kettlebull may not be ready until early 2018. We feel it is important for you to know this, but we would hate to see you miss out. 

We are a small business dedicated to making the Best Quality(!) Kettlebull possible. We hope to grow into a faster production process, but until then...we put on one shoe at a time and step with one foot after the other.

The Kettlebull is Made In America! French Bulldog Faced Kettlebull. What more can be said!

Inspired by ours truly, Lou, sometimes referred to as "King Lou".

Made of cast iron and ready to make you sweat. Enhance your routine with the original and only French Bulldog themed kettlebell out there. When not exercising with it, this Kettlebull will make an excellent companion for the Frenchie in your life.